Magnificent Me with Maggie Irwin

Sexual abuse survivors are among the strongest, most inspirational people I know.

They are brave | They are resilient | They are gifted | They are powerful

And yes, I am talking about you.

I’m talking about me too, which is why I know that right now, these thoughts are probably a long way from what you actually think of yourself.

You’re probably saying things more like:

“I’m stupid”
“I can’t do anything right”
“I’m not good enough”
“I haven’t amounted to anything – and I won’t amount to anything”

And do you know what a lifetime of these kinds of thoughts leads to?

Depression, anxiety, self-harm, a trail of broken relationships, stalled careers, and a deep sense that life is a burden to be endured – because it sure isn’t getting any easier.

If you’re like me you’ve experienced most of those. Which is how I know you’re feeling fed up, and aren’t even sure you’d have the energy to make a change even if you knew how to go about doing that.

There is a different way to live, and you can find the strength to get there. A life free of the pain, guilt and suffering that currently anchors you to the past.

But I promise you a life where:

  • You can learn to trust in relationships, rather than push people away and remain alone and lonely (even if you’re in a relationship
  • You can have the confidence to ask for what you want rather than just accept the crumbs you’re given because you’re too afraid to put yourself out there
  • You accept that good things can and do happen to you, which means you can embrace life and ENJOY it, rather than be constantly waiting for the other shoe to fall
  • You know that you matter.

What happened to you was NOT your fault.

You deserve love, to be heard and understood, to be treated with compassion and kindness.

You deserve a magnificent life. And you can have that.

I know this because I am a sexual abuse survivor too and I found a way to free myself from feeling defined by my past so that I could take back control of my life.

I no longer sabotage my own happiness.

And it’s something I can help you to do too.

So, if you are ready to:

  • Stop letting life’s opportunities slip through your fingers and have the confidence to believe you can succeed
  • Start seeing the good in yourself and nurturing your innate strengths
  • Share your story, in confidence, with someone who will listen, understand and really hear you

Then I invite you to come and join me in SURVIVOR TO THRIVER


A five-week, one-to-one journey for survivors of sexual abuse, rape and domestic violence, who are ready to leave the past behind them and start showing up in their lives with more courage, confidence and self-belief that they ever imagined possible.

Click here to read more about how Thriver to Survivor works and how it can help you.

“Maggie offered me a structured, open space to explore my thoughts and fears which helped me to see the choices I had.”

I was scared at first to contact Maggie and was worried about what she thought of me, but I had no reason to be concerned, she was brilliant.

She was warm and empathic in her approach, which comes across both professionally and personally.

She very quickly made me feel at ease. I felt fully supported and I was able to trust her with my story.

Since completing work with Maggie I have applied to three major Universities and I have been offered a place at two of them.

This time last year I wouldn’t even allow myself to think this would be possible and I can’t thank Maggie enough.

– Vikki Hall, Doncaster

“Maggie’s ability to listen to her clients and see almost immediately where they have come from, where they are and what they want for themselves in the future, is fantastic.”

She was and is always encouraging, motivating and inspiring.

I knew she was good for me from the get go. She doesn’t beat about the bush and makes you aware that you play a major role in reaching my own identified goals.

I am I was one of life’s negative thinkers and was always down on myself, I had no confidence in myself and had poor selfesteem. I didn’t like myself and often compared myself to others, I was frightened of socialising and this had been a problem for me most of my life.

I needed someone who knew what I was talking about, someone who I could trust who wouldn’t judge me and I found it working with Maggie.

Not long after finishing working with Maggie I decided to join a running group and also weight watchers and after last night’s weigh in I have now lost 2 stone.

I now feel very proud of myself and have more confidence in my own abilities.

Through the running group I have made some good friends and feel more positive about my life now and I am looking forward to a half marathon later this year.

Sharon Birch, London

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