Magnificent Me with Maggie Irwin


Kind words from happy clients…

Her ability to get to the crux of the problem is wonderful to experience…

Maggie’s ability to quickly get to the crux of the problem and with her skill and the warmth of her personality, guide you through to better results is wonderful to behold and even better to personally experience and benefit from.

Colin Brown

Author, Trainer and Coach, Hearthought Enterprises Ltd

Working with Maggie has been great…

Her encouragement and support helped me to achieve my professional and personal goals more quickly and more efficiently.

With her positive, inspiring, and humurous attitude she assisted me to overcome challenges and problems while starting my own business, Maggie helped me to see myself being confident, resourceful, and succesful. I would highly recommend to work with her to anyone seeking a joyful and successful life.

Mirella Menti

Thanks to Maggie I am now am healthier, happier and smoke free!

Maggie helped me to stop smoking at a time when I knew it was time I looked after my health but was finding it hard to stop the addiction .

With Maggie’s help I overcame this with Hypnosis and NLP.  She put me at ease, I was very relaxed and I gained the confidence I needed to stop.

Thanks to Maggie I am now am healthier, happier and smoke free!

Jayne Ellis

Maggie’s gentle nature and skilful questioning lead me to exactly the root cause of the issue that was holding me back

I came to Maggie for help with a recurring issue I was having in my personal relationships – a repetitive pattern I was unable to break (or see) by myself.

Maggie’s gentle nature and skilful questioning lead me to exactly the root cause of the issue that was holding me back. Within what seemed like minutes we traveled back in time to revisit the offending memory, we cleaned up everything that was surrounding it and at the same time miraculously cleared up a whole host of seemingly unconnected issues at the same time.

I left our session feeling light, hopeful and strangely enough, having completely forgotten what I went in to see her for! Well worth it!

Amy Humphries

Business Startup Mentor, Change Academy

Life changing stuff…

After struggling with certain personal issues in my life, after my sessions with Maggie my NLP coach I was able to resolve my issues and with her help and expertise I was able to come to a satisfactory conclusion.

Maggie’s warm, caring and encouraging persona made me feel at ease and helped give me the confidence to face my fears.

Maggie was with me every step of the way. Life changing stuff, I feel I have been given the strength and confidence to make important changes in my life for the better. Thank you Maggie for all your help. I would definitely recommend you to anyone who is ready to make changes to their lives.

Michelle Hancock

Doing change-work with Maggie is like having a great and inspiring conversation with a friend.

During our coaching session, all I could remember is that it was fun and that I was laughing a lot, and after that I could notice only that something happened inside me.
A powerful shift that made me realize I can do and get what ever I want! Thank you Maggie!

Milan Živković

Director of Kolektiv Centar, Serbia

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